Future Plans for The L. Alan Arts Project

At present, The L. Alan Arts Project is functioning in a fully-operational "demonstration mode," meaning the following:

  • Artist recruitment has begun and is on-going. A number of artists are already involved (see Tour and Inventory IMAGES MAY NOT BE WORK SAFE) with many more on the way.
  • On-site curatorial service from this body of work is fully functional and available immediately.
  • Brokerage operations are also fully functional—the art is available to view and purchase.
  • The collection is currently on display in temporary exhibition quarters while the search is underway for a permanent venue.
  • The collection is currently supplemented for demonstration purposes by loaned artwork from a handful of private collections. This art is not for sale, but is completely available to view and enjoy.
  • The name L. Alan Arts is a working title, subject to change.

The number-one goal of The L. Alan Arts Project is to serve the audience and creators of sex-positive fine art with enthusiasm and integrity by bringing together artists, patrons and exhibitors, and by doing so promote the values of the sex positive community. Along the way, The L. Alan Arts Project seeks to expand its capacity to meet this stated mission in the following ways:

  • Continuing to recruit artists, patrons and on-site curatorial opportunities.
  • Building an effective web presence.
  • Locating a permanent physical home.