Mission Statement

The L. Alan Arts is a project dedicated to the promotion of original fine art for adult audiences—"excluded" art which enjoys limited exhibition opportunities due to the prevalence of the "family friendly" restrictions to which many mainstream venues are beholden. Excluded fine art includes (but is not limited to):

  • Figure studies and fine art nudes
  • Conceptual, activist and other forms of "statement" high art
  • Goddess and fertility art
  • Erotica and alternative lifestyle art
  • "Pin-up" art (a la Burlesque, Cabaret, Vaudeville) as well as other similarly "genre-specific" styles such as Steampunk, Faerie, and so on
  • Various body art traditions

In promoting adult fine art, L. Alan Arts is committed to the core values of the sex positive movement: freedom of expression, individuality and dignity, and the emancipation of the "eye of the beholder" from a mass-media concept of beauty.

Furthermore, The L. Alan Arts Project is committed to the conviction that in a world overwhelmed with digital simulacra, authentic, physically hand-crafted original fine art cannot be properly, fully, or truly experienced except in person. With this in mind, The L. Alan Arts Project is oriented by necessity to being a champion of grassroots arts and the local community.

The conflict between the the in-person imperative and the relative scarcity of sex-positive exhibition creates a "crisis of exclusion." The L. Alan Arts Project is dedicated to giving excluded art a home where it can flourish in the public eye. The L. Alan Project delivers this mission in three ways:

  • As an exhibition venue
  • As an on-site curatorial service
  • As a broker-dealer